Monthly Archives: October 2007



I’m reading Anne Lamott’s book on writing called Bird by Bird. I’ve enjoyed it. She discusses getting your ego out of the way. Love this paragraph from the book:

 “…. most of us are raised to be somebodies and what a no-win game that is to buy into, because while you may turn out to be much more sombody than somebody else, a lot of other people are going to be a lot more somebody than you. And you are going to drive yourself crazy.”

I strive not to care what people think of my work. I think it is equally dangerous to get addicted to praise, as it is deflated by criticism. Just create. Just  be. That is what I strive for.



We want to simplify our lives. We like the idea of voluntary simplicity. We just don’t volunteer for it. Perhaps it is a process. One box at a time.

 Nine years ago our moving ‘van’ was a pick up truck and it nearly fit everything. Scary what one accumulates in less than a decade.

Dissolving dishes


Why can’t dishes simply dissolve after you are done eating? Simply place dirty dishes in the sink, add water and watch the dishes (and cutlery) dissolve into the water. Completely earth friendly and mother friendly. Just look at these poor dish pan hands!



I am greatly affected by the weather. Close to my animal roots I guess. Today, I feel like one of the cows on the hillside lying around slugglishly waiting for the rain to end.  I should nap, but I won’t. Too many things to do.

Junkin a pumpkin


I thought i would participate in this little contest with this. She took me the afternoon. she’s sitting on my porch.

Rivers and Tides

Saw an amazing film last night called Rivers and Tides about Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy. I loved this gorgeous film.

 Sometimes I think i would be great to go back to art school. But I love writing too. I don’t think I will ever choose one over the other. They are both so integral to who I am.



I’ve put away the paint and I am drawing. Since the move I find I want to keep things simple. I have enough messes to clean up! I am learning a lot with each new drawing. PUrchased some great coloured pencils. I am going to try to work from photos when I get the chance. Lately just using my imagination.