Monthly Archives: June 2007


Humans have a huge tolerance for sameness/monotonous repetition. Otherwise we wouldn’t run on treadmills or go to spin classes where the instructer has played the SAME BLOODY CD for four months.

 ON the topic of exercise, someday we will harnass the energy expended in fitness clubs. It seems like such a waste… all those people running on treadmills, riding bikes, using stairclimbers… All that energy could probably power the entire club … maybe even Zeller’s next door.


Summer spell


“I feel sorry for fishflies because they live only one day. Do mountains feel sorry for humans?” Thoughts after three glasses of wine on the deck under stars, moonlight, listening to a choir of frogs (neighbours pond) watching bats and fireflies and a flickering candle.  

Back to the old style of collage. Like an old friend… it just feels good.