A women sent me an email today about being a creative parent. She talked about how she wanted to foster a sense of independence in her children. She said her daughter, who is 3.5, uses a screwdriver to change the batteries in her own toys. Wow. The woman went on to say that she is going to buy the children a beater of a car just so they can learn how to fix it. She wants her girls and boys to know how to change the oil, the tires, etc. I am so ‘tool’ challenged that if I need a nail in the wall to hang a picture, I will get my husband to do it. This woman is an inspiration. I want my girls to be self sufficient like that.

Next time I need a painting hung, I will hammer in the nail myself. Just don’t expect me to use a damn level. 

This is not a painting. This is what my palette looks like. And sometimes my brain.



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